Orbi Outdoor WiFi Range Extender (RBS50Y)

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Extends your WiFi to the outdoors for great coverage to your yard, pool, or garage and speeds as fast as you get inside.

Works with any router to extend your WiFi up to an additional 2,500 sq. ft.

Weather-resistant – IP66 rated extender designed to brave the rain, sun, snow, dust and even the sprinklers.

Award-winning WiFi- Tri-band mesh WiFi technology gives you the fastest internet speeds available.

DIY outdoor WiFi- No professional installation required. Includes stand and wall mount for flexible placement options.

Orbi creates one seamless network so you can move from indoors to outdoors without signal drops and interruptions.

Ambient night light— The LED lights at the bottom provide an ambient glow to your outdoor area.

Easy setup- Use the Orbi app or web brower to set up your outdoor WiFi in minutes.

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Hardware details

1. High-speed WiFi – now to your pool, shed or the barn

The Orbi Outdoor Satellite’s dedicated 4×4 backhaul provides much stronger connection to punch through exterior walls, as compared to indoor mesh WiFi access points, so your WiFi speeds will be much faster to your detached structures such as the garage, shed, pool house, or the in-law quarters. Play music, stream videos without buffering or place your WiFi video cameras farther from your house.

2.Keep Your Guests Connected

Keep the party going and let your guests connect to an easy-to-configure Guest Network. Orbi can handle many connected devices without slowing your WiFi speeds to a crawl.

3.Stream Music and Videos Outdoors

Now you can stay connected when you’re outside or working in a detached room. Work in the garage or garden and keep your devices connected with a strong WiFi signal.