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About Us

For the first time, you can fully enjoy full features for the gadgets you buy, Why Pay for Features when you cant use even half of em, Rather buy budget gadget. Here we sell gadgets and make sure you enjoy all of it.

Geeksfront INC (www.techshopfront.com) is an online retail stores specialized exclusively on Cutting Edge Components for the PC and Home Electronics in the United States!

Consolidated in Chicago IL in May 2017, Geeksfront INC began off by selling PCs on the web and advanced into a quick witted and more effective wander giving nearby help to it’s home clients and business customers. We not just sell the product but provide end to end solution for your technology requirement so that you can enjoy every bit of feature that technology has to offer While ensuring outmost customer satisfaction. We believe in word of mouth advertising and our final product is customer satisfaction which reflects in every policy and decision we take, our whole business revolved around just Customer Satisfaction.

We are Authorize Net merchant in USA and Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Since 2017, With (A+) rating as of May 2019, so you can feel confident when buy from Geeksfront INC . Refer to Authorize Net & BBB Seal on the bottom of our website for verification and current rating.

We offer a full line of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products through online Retail. Every product we sell is Guaranteed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) so you can rest assured that you are using a top-quality product.

You will find a product of your choice on our store and get an engineer to configure it at your door step. Need to work with professional? Choose from our list of computer accessories and product as per your liking. With a wide range of products from the world’s top rated brands. Geeksfront INC provides on-request, in-home installation support for products we sell.

Geeksfront INC which has cut a specialty in the business due to its cutting edge, out of the crate and unparalleled fast and perfect support of its customers. With it’s field tech group spread all through the US, it quickly takes into account the need and necessities of clients in USA. Because of the high inundation of home and purchaser tech items and shrewd gadgets, Geeksfront INC as of late propelled www.techshopfront.com with the point of satisfying all it’s client’s needs.

At Geeksfront INC , we are dependably on our feet to enable you to out whenever of the day. By utilizing cutting edge innovation and instruments, We Are completely committed to our clients and administrations we offer. Basically, we flourish with making Geeksfront INC the most put stock in mark, satisfying all your Tech and IT Needs.

Geeksfront INC has the fastest onsite computer repair services for your computer emergency in the industry. Our onsite PC repair services are available nationwide. Contact us and a certified Geeksfront INC can be starting your onsite computer repair within the one day. Geeksfront INC can come to your home or business for onsite PC repairs and get your technology working the way you want it… Geeksfront INC ‘s onsite computer repairs have utilized our perfected patented system to get your computers up and running, flawlessly. Geeksfront INC ’s certified technicians are the best of the best in the onsite computer repair industry and our tradition of hands-on passion and commitment to flawlessness is carried on with every onsite PC repair performed. At Geeksfront INC . we provide you with an unbeatable guarantee: We guarantee we will be onsite within One day to provide you with flawless onsite PC repairs. Our certified technicians are on-call at your convenience to ensure your risk-free onsite computer repair experience will be flawlessly executed by the absolute best of the best certified technicians!

Geeksfront INC ’s onsite computer repair service is the solution to your computer emergency, our expert technicians are ready to provide you fast and flawless onsite PC repairs within the hour.

Geeksfront INC ’s computer repairs are the best in the industry. Contact Geeksfront INC for a company that has over 20 years of experience and receive a computer repair with a perfected patented system united to it. Our technicians of only the highest calibre are available today to come to your location nationwide. Look below and see how it works.


Mission:To Establish and compete in consumer and small and medium business market on the basis of net promoter score and by delivering exceptional customer experience. We are devoted to clout the new advances by giving standard subjective specialized administrations, security administrations and assurance most elevated amount of consumer loyalty in this procedure.

Objective:We endeavour to give cutting edge administrations to our clients and measure consumer loyalty with expenses and general nature of an item or administration. We gauge our performance on the sole metric of NPS (net promoter score) by which each and every customer cater has an opportunity to contribute their feedback which is our eternal driving force.

Promise:We guarantee quality products, best in class services and benefits by treating each customer similarly. We are so confident in our delivery that we promise 30 days Total Satisfaction Guarantee on every product or service we provide.

Our Location: 178 Bedford Ln Volo IL 60073